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Re: [AVR] remove two maintainers

On 02/03/14 19:24, Denis Chertykov wrote:
> I would remove two maintainers for AVR port:
> 1. Anatoly Sokolov <>
> 2. Eric Weddington <>
> I have discussed the removal with Anatoly Sokolov and he is agree with it.
> I can't discuss the removal with Eric Weddington because his mail
> address invalid.
> Must somebody approve the removal ?  (Or I can just apply it)
> Denis.

Eric Weddington has left Atmel, so his address will no longer be valid.
 I don't know if he still has time to work with AVRs, or if he would
still be able to be a maintainer for the AVR port.  But I am pretty sure
that his new job will not involve AVR's significantly, so it would only
be as a hobby (or at best, as a normal avr gcc user).

Atmel includes gcc in their development tool (AVR Studio), as well as
providing pre-built packages (for Windows and Linux) with the avr-libc
library and related tools, using snapshots of mainline gcc with a few
patches (for things like support of newer devices).  So it seems
reasonable to expect that they will be interested in the development and
maintenance of the avr port of gcc even though Eric has now left them.
If you would like, I can try to contact Atmel and ask if they have
someone who would like to take Eric's seat as a port maintainer (or you
could do so yourself from Atmel's website).



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