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-O3 and -ftree-vectorize

Re: -Wformat-security warnings generated in gcc build

[AVX-512] Vectorization when tripcount is less than VF.

[buildrobot] spu / avr: Fallout from r207335

Re: [committed] Fix simd reference reductions (PR middle-end/59150)

[GCC 4.8.1] Which section to emit, .eh_frame or .debug_section?

[GSoc 2014] OpenMP runtime improvements

[GSoC] GCC has been accepted to GSoC 2014

Re: [LLVMdev] Zero-cost toolchain "standardization" process

[LM-32] Code generation for address loading

[MIPS] Avoiding FP operations/register usage

[RFC] Introducing MIPS O32 ABI Extension for FR0 and FR1 Interlinking

[RFC] Meta-description for tree and gimple folding

Re: [RFC] Offloading Support in libgomp

[RFC] Rationale for passing vectors by value in SIMD registers

Re: [RFC][PATCH 0/5] arch: atomic rework

Aarch64 implementation for dwarf exception handling

About gsoc 2014 OpenMP 4.0 Projects

Accelerator BoF at GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 (was: [gomp4] gomp-4_0-branch)

ARM inline assembly usage in Linux kernel

Re: asking your advice about bug

Asm volatile causing performance regressions on ARM

build breakage in libsanitizer

Building GCC with -Wmissing-declarations and addressing its warnings

Changing the MIPS ISA for the Loongson 3A from MIPS64 to MIPS64r2

Cheap Software

Conditional execution over emit_move_insn

Dead code elimination PROBLEM

Deadline for DWARF Version 5 comments -- March 31, 2014

Re: Draft C bindings for IEEE 754-2008 part 4 now available

Extended Asm Rewrite

Re: FRE may run out of memory

FreeBSD users of gcc

g++.dg/cilk-plus/CK/catch_exc.cc -O1 times out

GCC 4.9.0 Status Report (2014-02-03), Stage 3 ends

gcc generated long read out of bounds segfault

Re: GCC Wiki, struggling to make a new user

gcc-4.7-20140201 is now available

gcc-4.7-20140208 is now available

gcc-4.7-20140215 is now available

gcc-4.7-20140222 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140206 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140213 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140220 is now available

gcc-4.8-20140227 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140202 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140209 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140216 is now available

gcc-4.9-20140223 is now available

Re: gcc.gnu.org/infrastructure - newer versions of GMP/mpfr/mpc/isl/cloog?

Re: git mirror hasn't been updated for 8 hours

FW: Git repo lagging behing

gnat.dg test: div_no_warning.adb

Re: gnattools cannot be built for freestanding/bare metal environment without hacking up the build machinery

GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 - Venue and Hotel information

GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 - We have reached capacity

Google Summer of Code -- Admin needed

GSoC project ideas

Handling error conditions in libgomp

Help Required on Missing GOTO statements in Gimple/SSA/CFG Pass ...

help with define_peephole2 condition

How to include <algorithm> header of stl in gcc?

Re: i370 port

Re: Is C++11 to be default for GCC 4.9?

Issue with CRTP generation under 4.8.1

Fwd: LLVM collaboration?

m68k optimisation for beginners?

Memory outputs in inline asm

Merge epilog loop & loop version due to alias/alignment in vectorization?

MIPS GCC test failure: gcc.dg/tree-ssa/ssa-dom-thread-4.c

MSP430 in gcc4.9 ... enable interrupts?

Need help: Is a VAR_DECL type builtin or not?

RE: No TBAA before ptr_derefs_may_alias_p?

Non-temporal move

Optimizing bit extract

patch to fix PR59985

Re: proposal to add -Wheader-guard option

proposal to turn on some warnings by default

question about gtype-desc.c

Request for discussion: Rewrite of inline assembler docs

Simplify using context in loop-iv

sparse overlapping structs for vectorization

Stack layout change during lra

RE: Still fails with strict-volatile-bitfields

Test gcc.dg/uninit-13.c failure

Re: type promotion

TYPE_BINFO and canonical types at LTO

Re: Update x86-64 PLT for MPX

Vectorizer Pragmas

Zero-cost toolchain "standardization" process

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