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Re: LLVM collaboration?

On 7 February 2014 21:53, Diego Novillo <> wrote:
> I think this would be worth a BoF, at the very least. Would you be
> willing to propose one? I just need an abstract to get it in the
> system. We still have some room left for presentations.

Hi Diego,

Thanks, that'd be great!

A BoF would give us more time to discuss the issue, even though I'd
like to start the conversation a lot earlier. Plus, I have a lot more
to learn than to talk about. ;)

Something along the lines of...

* GCC and LLVM collaboration / The Open Source Compiler Initiative

With LLVM mature enough to feature as the default toolchain in some
Unix distributions, and with the inherent (and profitable) share of
solutions, ideas and code between the two, we need to start talking at
a more profound level. There will always be problems that can't be
included in any standard (language, extension, or machine-specific)
and are intrinsic to the compilation infrastructure. For those, and
other common problems, we need common solutions to at least both LLVM
and GCC, but ideally any open source (and even closed source)
toolchain. In this BoF session, we shall discuss to what extent this
collaboration can take us, how we should start and what are the next
steps to make this happen.


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