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gimple_build_call for a class constructor

I am building a GCC plugin and am trying to create a call to a constructor for a global variable.  The class is declared in a .cpp file and I have global instance of the class declared in the file as well. The class declaration for the global instance I am trying to create follows:


namespace LocalTestNamespace
    class CTestClass
    public :

            std::cout << "Test Class Initialized." << std::endl;


LocalTestNamespace::CTestClasssourceCodeGlobalTestClass;                       // g++ parser generates the initialization statement for this global


In my plugin, I create a global variable for 'CTestClass' and then attempt to invoke the constructor for it in the '__static_initialization_and_destruction_0' function.  Below is a snippet of the code to create the gimple statement and insert it into the initialization function.  The plugin runs just before the call flow graph generator pass.


treeaddr_var_decl = build_fold_addr_expr( globalDeclaration );                // globalDeclaration points to the VAR_DECL I created

treeconstructor = CLASSTYPE_CONSTRUCTORS( declType );                         // declType is the tree for CTestClass

gimpleinitializationStatement = gimple_build_call( OVL_CURRENT( constructor ), 1, addr_var_decl );

debug_gimple_stmt( initializationStatement );                                             // the debug outout of the statement looks fine

gsi_insert_before( &insertionPoint, initializationStatement, GSI_SAME_STMT );             // insertionPoint is just before the goto following the calls to global initializers


When I run this code, the statement gets inserted but the assembler fails.  Looking at the assembly output reveals the following at the end of the initializer:


movl$sourceCodeGlobalTestClass, %edi                                     // the global in the source code
call_ZN18LocalTestNamespace10CTestClassC1Ev                              // call to the class constructor created by the g++ parser
movl$testCTestClassVar, %edi                                             // the global I created in the plugin
call_ZN18LocalTestNamespace10CTestClassC1EOS0_ *INTERNAL*                // call to the class constructor generated by the code snippet above and the gcc error


Using c++filt the names demangle as:

_ZN18LocalTestNamespace10CTestClassC1Ev      =>>     LocalTestNamespace::CTestClass::CTestClass()
_ZN18LocalTestNamespace10CTestClassC1EOS0_   =>>     LocalTestNamespace::CTestClass::CTestClass(LocalTestNamespace::CTestClass&&)

Clearly the call I am building is incorrect and I have tried numerous variations with the same results.  If I manually edit the assembly output file and change the 'C1EOS0_' suffix to 'C1Ev' and strip out the '*INTERNAL*', I can run the assembler on the modified file and generate an executable that works perfectly.  I have searched for examples of using gimple_build_call() to generate calls to c++ class constructors but haven't tripped over any examples.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions on how to generate the appropriate constructor call.



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