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Re: Don't shoot the messenger

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 5:02 PM, Gregory Casamento
<> wrote:
> Granted, however, at the very least GCC should consciously ramp up itâs support for Objective-C.  Currently the Objective-C implementation in GCC is woefully out of date as it doesnât include basic support for ARC.

I would like to see that happen, but we must be realistic.  GCC
development is driven in part by volunteers and in part by company
contributions.  There is only one large company that is interested in
Objective C: Apple.  Apple has chosen to use clang/LLVM and reject
GCC, ostensibly for licensing reasons (although personally speaking I
have to say that those arguments have not made sense to me for some

It follows that all work on Objective C support in GCC will be done by
volunteers.  Most people who use Objective C naturally use clang/LLVM;
after all, it is free, and it works well.  So the volunteer pool for
Objective C in GCC is relatively small.  It is basically those people
who want or need to use Objective C and prefer to use GCC, or GPL
software in general.  There aren't very many of those people.  They've
actually done a good job in maintaining GCC's Objective C frontend.
But while I would like to see significant additions to the frontend
like ARC support, I would hesitate on planning to see it occur.

To the extent that clang/LLVM and GCC are fighting, which is not
really the case, then I think it makes sense for GCC to focus on its
strengths, not its weaknesses.  Objective C is not a strength.  I'm
not sure it makes sense for the GCC project to encourage its limited
volunteer resources to work on it.

Sorry for being blunt, but that is how I see it.


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