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Your research papers are recommended to Docear's users


we are the developers of Docear, which is a software to manage academic literature, PDFs, and references. Among other features, the software provides an automated recommender system for research articles that are freely available online. 

Docear's Web Crawler discovered 3 of your papers online and Docear wishes to recommend these papers to users with related research interests. The papers Docear found are 

    - Generic and gimple: A new tree representation for entire functions
    - GCC internals
    - Embedded Software Development with eCos
We hope that recommending these papers to our users is in your interest. If you would nonetheless like to exclude your papers from being recommended, or if you are not the author of the papers, please visit, where you can change the indexing settings. 

If you have questions about Docear's recommender system, please do not hesitate to contact us ( Please do not reply to this message. 

Please also feel free to have a look at Docear Its concept for managing references, organizing PDFs and drafting academic literature is truly unique. 

With kind regards, 
The Docear Team 
Joeran Beel, Stefan Langer, and Marcel Genzmehr 

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