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Re: Running contrib/ from the buildbots

Hi Diego!

On Tue, 2013-11-19 10:20:48 -0500, Diego Novillo <> wrote:
> I've been thinking that it would be very useful for buildbots to run
> contrib/ This tests stage1's all-gcc on a very wide
> collection of targets. It builds everything with -Werror, so it
> requires a recent host compiler (ideally trunk or the latest release).
> Currently, many targets are broken because of -Werror. I was thinking
> of fixing them, but unless we keep them clean with a buildbot they
> will regress.
> Would this be hard to set up in your buildbots?

I haven't ever directly used, so I'm just guessing
around here :)

  Starting from making it work, different host-local options may need
to be set (cf. "host_options='--with-mpc=/opt/cfarm/mpc' # gcc10"
found in that file.)

  Additional to that, it needs a combined tree, right? Shouldn't be
much of a problem.

  With Ada and Go (as well as `all' languages), there are quite a few
more dependencies, so I guess I wouldn't like to run it on all hosts.
Since it builds (per default) all targets, it'll have a *hugh* runtime
(if not run in parallel.) That is, I would NOT consider running it
as-is on the hosts.

  However, since I need to touch the scheduler due to other reasons,
I'm thinking about parsing's host list and schedule
individual builds on (picked) build slaves. That would additionally
have the advantage of having single builds showing up in the web
frontend, and not one hugh long-running job where you can then have a
look at the individual logs (per target.)

  Final notes: It needs a small change in the script running on the
target, as well as a change to the scheduler, to make it "work". Maybe
it would be worthwile to not mix my current results with those of, since they build/test different things. But that's,
too, just a flag in a database table. So I think I'll just have a look
in-detail at it and prepare a test on one of the cfarm machines. Since builds quite more than I do right now, it would be a
hugh win to go into that direction.

Thanks for the idea :)


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