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Re: OpenACC or OpenMP 4.0 target directives

Güray Özen wrote:
I came across a news about gcc will support OpenACC/OpenMP target
directive. How can i download this version?

Well, the support is at an early stage, targetting several different backends. The work is done by several teams and, hence, not always very well coordinated. I think over the next months, it will improve as bits get merged into a common branch.

Some first steps to OpenACC support can be found in the GOMP-4_0-branch and in the openacc-1_0-branch branch.

The GOMP-4_0-branch bits aren't sufficient for offloading, yet. To my knowledge, the only publicly available implementation, which allows offloading is the openacc-1_0-branch, cf.

To try it, download either of the two branches and build GCC yourself; see bottom of

Moreover i'm going to ask question about optimization.

I think the first step is to actually get it working. Otherwise, the normal compiler optimizations are applied also to the target sections. I could imagine that there will also be some specific optimizations, e.g. with regards to copy/copyin/-out by avoiding unnecessary data transfers; however, I don't know whether such an optimization is already done in any of the branches.


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