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OpenACC or OpenMP 4.0 target directives


I'm doing master at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, BarcelonaTech
and I started to my master thesis. My topic is code generation for
hardware accelerator into OmpSs. OmpSs is being developed by Barcelona
Supercomputer Center, and it has a runtime for gpu. It can manage
kernel invocation, multi-gpu, data transfer, asyncronus kernel
invocation and so on. That's why i'm using OmpSs. Because i want to
only focus code generation and optimizations. But i'm so new for this
work. Now i support that "target", "teams", "distribute", "distribute
parallel for" directives. However of course i can generate a so naive
kernel :( I'm looking for optimization techniques.

I came across a news about gcc will support OpenACC/OpenMP target
directive. How can i download this version? Moreover i'm going to ask
question about optimization. Which optimization techniques have you
applied? Do you have a any suggestion for me for this thesis? (papers,
algorithms and so on)


Güray Özen

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