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Re: [RFC] Replace Java with Go in default languages

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 5:20 PM, Jeff Law <> wrote:
> On 11/13/13 09:00, Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Law <> writes:
>> Jeff> Given the problems Ian outlined around adding Go to the default
>> Jeff> languages and the build time issues with using Ada instead of Java,
>> Jeff> I'm unsure how best to proceed.
>> IIRC from upthread the main reason to keep one of these languages is
>> -fnon-call-exceptions testing.
>> How about just writing some tests for that, in C++?  It may not be quite
>> as good but it seems like it could be a reasonable first pass; with more
>> obscure issues caught by subsequent testing, much as is the case for
>> non-core targets.
> The biggest issue with this approach is when we find a non-call-exceptions
> issue, the source language for the testcase is going to likely be Java, Ada
> or Go.  Converting that to C++ can be a bit painful.
> I'd certainly like to see such tests, but I fear getting any kind of decent
> coverage (relative to what we get today building Ada or GCJ) is going to
> take a *long* time.

You can add a -fnon-call-exceptions torture case to the g++.dg/torture
case and at least get all the ICEs for free (that's most cases).


> jeff

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