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Re: Great example of why "everything is a tree" sucks

On Wed, 13 Nov 2013, Eric Botcazou wrote:

> > Eric, would emitting GIMPLE from gigi make that a lot more
> > complicated?  That is, would you prefer to have an even
> > higher-level early GIMPLE (considering stuff like TARGET_EXPR
> > and WITH_CLEANUP_EXPR, etc.)?
> This would mean privatizing in gigi all the machinery needed to support types 
> with variable size scattered over the middle-end (tree.c, fold-const.c and 
> stor-layout.c) unless you want to make them first-class citizens in GIMPLE,
> which is very unlikely I presume.  Not undoable, but IMO that would be a step 
> backwards from GENERIC in which you can express a lot a things, and not only 
> the semantics of C and its close relatives.

C has already (GCC 4.5 and later) largely moved to using its own logic for 
variable size types, to ensure that sizes get evaluated at exactly the 
right time according to C language semantics; I think the only generic 
pieces it relies on are the lowering of VLA objects to explicit stack 
allocation and deallocation.

Other places where GENERIC provides something that no doubt seemed 
convenient originally, but is less useful when you want to ensure things 
are evaluated at exactly the time implied by language semantics, include 
SAVE_EXPRs and pre/post increment/decrement.  The generic gimplification 
logic for the latter caused issues in the past when it turned out not to 
match C11 semantics; C now explicitly creates the required temporaries in 
the case of increment / decrement / compound assignment of atomic types, 
and will probably need to move to using more of its own logic for compound 
assignment in general to fix bug 58943.  I'd be happy for front ends to 
move to doing all these things themselves, rather than trying to define 
GENERIC in a way that works for every language's requirements on when 
things are evaluated and when storage is allocated / deallocated.

Joseph S. Myers

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