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Re: [RFC] Replace Java with Go in default languages

On 11/12/13 01:27, Eric Botcazou wrote:
 From what I can see, bootstrapping with Ada is slower than bootstapping
with Java, by around 15%.  Again this is on one of my slower boxes, but
the results clearly show building Ada & its runtime takes a considerable
amount of time:

default languages:    67 minutes
default - java:       51 minutes
default - java + go:  56 minutes
default - java + ada: 77 minutes


Hard to justify switching from Java to Ada given those results if one of
the key goals is to reduce waiting time.
Not sure what happened yesterday with the 77 minute timing.

Across 10 runs we came in right at 70 minutes with the usual ~20 second variance. So it's slightly slower than the default languages right now. That doesn't help the cycle time for developers which was the major point for me.

Given the problems Ian outlined around adding Go to the default languages and the build time issues with using Ada instead of Java, I'm unsure how best to proceed.

I'm starting to wonder if we just remove Java from the default languages during stage1, but add it back when we leave stage1.

Similarly I think we should add Go to the default languages when we leave stage1.

As for Ada, I'm wondering if we should add it into the default languages, but not require it for the bootstrap/regression test cycle during stage1, but require it as we leave stage1. Thus, if a developer has Ada installed, it'll build & test by default.

And, yes I'm aware of the wonderful irony that I'm debugging a bootstrap problem with Ada related to my recent work :-)

Thoughts on the updated proposal?


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