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Great example of why "everything is a tree" sucks


So I lost something like 3 hrs last night due to writing a hunk of code like this

if (INTEGRAL_TYPE_P (gimple_assign_lhs (stmt)))

With everything being a tree, the fact that I passed an SSA_NAME to INTEGRAL_TYPE_P rather than a tree type wasn't caught at compile time.

Because this was guarding an optimization, it wasn't caught during a bootstrap -- in the particular context in which this occurred, a false result is always safe.

It was only caught by a failure to optimize a particular test that I had tweaked with an earlier variant of the patch I was testing. So it wasn't until regression testing had completed and I looked at the results that there was any indication something was amiss.

Could we fix this by adding more checking around INTEGRAL_TYPE_P? Sure and we'd probably trip the checker building the stage1 runtime or surely during the stage2 build for this particular instance. But fundamentally that's papering over the problem that I should not be able to do something stupid like that in the first place!

We're using a language that has a type system that can easily express that what I wrote as utterly stupid and wrong. But our "everything is tree" model gets in the damn way.

In a lot of ways the arguments against fixing this problem remind me of the nonsense we had to go through to stop shoving random pointers & integers into trees 18 years ago. If a field is a tree, then shoving an rtx or some 32 bit integer into the field is just stupid. We all take that for granted now, but it was fairly standard practice a long time ago. Fixing that was a necessary prerequisite for many of the things we now take for granted -- function as trees, inlining with trees, garbage collection, ssa, gimple, etc.

It's time to move on and do something sensible with the core parts of our ILs so that we're all more effective in the long run.



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