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Re: [RFC] Replace Java with Go in default languages

>  From what I can see, bootstrapping with Ada is slower than bootstapping
> with Java, by around 15%.  Again this is on one of my slower boxes, but
> the results clearly show building Ada & its runtime takes a considerable
> amount of time:
> default languages:    67 minutes
> default - java:       51 minutes
> default - java + go:  56 minutes
> default - java + ada: 77 minutes

With what checking options?  Weird, on my not so fast x86-64 machine, the 3rd 
item takes 40 min and the 4th 42 min with yes,rtl checking, so a difference of 
21 min on yours is unexpected.

> Some of this might be building Ada and its runtime during all three
> stages.  Contrast to Java which builds the front-end during
> stage2/stage3 and the runtime just in stage3.

The Ada runtime is only built during stage3 too.

> Hard to justify switching from Java to Ada given those results if one of
> the key goals is to reduce waiting time.

If everyone has the same figures as you, I cannot disagree.

Eric Botcazou

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