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Re: [RFC] Replace Java with Go in default languages

Jeff Law <> writes:

> Thoughts or comments?

If noone tests java completely then it will quickly bitrot won't it?

So ideally some bot would still regularly build/test it.
If you don't do that you could as well just remove the code.

The underlying problem seems to be the requirement for each
contributor to run all the tests themselves.  Over time the gcc 
test suite has become longer and longer, so it becomes a bigger
burden. But then they still don't test everything, because
of optional components (e.g. not everyone has Ada installed).
Also some tests are just unreliable and do not give good results.

Perhaps it would make more sense to just split the required tests :

- quick tests everyone is expected to run before commit (bootstrap +
test suite <10/20/30min?)
That could be some subset of what runs today. Maybe bootstrap
and most of the C/C++ test suite.
- This should be only tests that always pass, not the usual noise that
is there today (e.g. not that guality random generator)
- longer tests that run in centralized bots
- bots automatically bisect regressions
- clear policies that if someone causes a bot regression
they are on the hook to fix it in a given time, or the patch gets
- Get rid of all tests that are not reliable.
- With bots it would be also quite feasible to have even
longer tests, that run hours. For example you could add 
more slow static code analysis steps.
- With bots you can also have nice central dash boards that give the current
state, instead of the current "hunt random message on gcc-testresults"


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