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Architecture maintainers: please define TARGET_ATOMIC_ASSIGN_EXPAND_FENV

Architecture maintainers please note: if your architecture supports 
floating-point exceptions, you should add a definition of the 
TARGET_ATOMIC_ASSIGN_EXPAND_FENV target hook so that they are handled 
correctly for C11 atomic compound assignments.  This will normally 
generate inline code together with a call to __atomic_feraiseexcept from 
libatomic; see the i386 implementation for an example, along with the hook 
documentation.  (The implementation for most architectures should be 
simpler than that for i386 because they will only have to deal with a 
single choice of FPU implementation.)  It should not generate calls to 
libm, or to libc functions in the user's namespace, but may call 
implementation-namespace functions from libgcc or libatomic or libc, or 
C11 functions from libc if you know they'll be available in libc on your 

The test gcc.dg/atomic/c11-atomic-exec-5.c will indicate if this is 
working correctly for your architecture, as long as your system supports 
pthreads (required to run that test).  If any of the other 
c11-atomic-exec-* tests are failing, you should fix that first as it 
indicates a more serious issue with atomic operations on your target.

If your architecture does not support floating-point exceptions, you can 
ignore this hook (but should still fix any c11-atomic-exec-* test failures 
seen); the default hook implementation will be right in that case.

Joseph S. Myers

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