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Adding dependencies without rule in


I’m trying to patch libgfortran’s but I’m running into trouble to express some chain of dependencies.

I have two new files: a.F90 and b.F90. I’m adding them to libgfortran_la_SOURCES. These will thus generate a.o and b.o object files, which will be linked into libgfortran. So far, so good.

But these files also generate Fortran module files (i.e., compiling a.F90 will generate a file a.mod in addition to a.o). It so happens that compiling b.F90 depends on a.mod being available. I cannot, however, manage to enter that information into the I first tried to add this simple dependency in terms of object files:

a.lo: b.lo

with no rule. Turns out that automake then says:

> user target `ieee_arithmetic.lo' defined here...
> /opt/automake-1.11.1/share/automake-1.11/am/ ... overrides Automake target `ieee_arithmetic.lo' defined here

So: is it possible to add a dependency without overriding the rule? I like automake’s compilation line fine, I just want to add a dependency.

Thanks for any help, this is driving me nuts and preventing completion of my patch…


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