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Re: GCC 4.8.0 Status Report (2012-10-29), Stage 1 to end soon


Let me explain to you what a broken api is. I have spent the last week screwing around with tree-vpn and as of last night i finally got it to work. In tree-vpn, it is clear that double-int is the precise definition of a broken api.

The tree-vpn uses an infinite-precision view of arithmetic. However, that infinite precision is implemented on top of a finite, CARVED IN STONE, base that is and will always be without a patch like this, 128 bits on an x86-64. However, as was pointed out by earlier, tree-vrp needs 2 * the size of a type + 1 bit to work correctly. Until yesterday i did not fully understand the significance of that 1 bit. what this means is that tree-vrp does not work on an x86-64 with _int128 variables.

There are no checks in tree-vrp to back off when it sees something too large, tree-vrp simply gets the wrong answer. To me, this is a broken api and is GCC at its very worst. The patches that required this SHOULD HAVE NEVER GONE INTO GCC. What you have with my patches is someone who is willing to fix a large and complex problem that should have been fixed years ago.

I understand that you do not like several aspects of the wide-int api and i am willing to make some of those improvements. However, what i am worried about is that you are in some ways really attached to the style of programmed where everything is dependent on the size of a HWI. I will continue to push back on those comments but have been working the rest in as i have been going along.

To answer your other question, it will be a significant problem if i cannot get these patches in. They are very prone to patch rot and my customer wants a product without many patches to the base code.
Also, i fear that your real reason that you want to wait is because you really do not like the fact these patches get rid of double in and that style of programming and putting off that day serves no one well.


On 10/31/2012 05:59 AM, Richard Sandiford wrote:
Richard Biener<> writes:
On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 10:05 PM, Kenneth Zadeck
<>  wrote:

i am hoping to get the rest of my wide integer conversion posted by nov 5.
I am under some adverse conditions here: hurricane sandy hit her pretty
badly.  my house is hooked up to a small generator, and no one has any power
for miles around.

So far richi has promised to review them.   he has sent some comments, but
so far no reviews.    Some time after i get the first round of them posted,
i will do a second round that incorporates everyones comments.

But i would like a little slack here if possible.    While this work is a
show stopper for my private port, the patches address serious problems for
many of the public ports, especially ones that have very flexible vector
units.    I believe that there are significant set of latent problems
currently with the existing ports that use ti mode that these patches will

However, i will do everything in my power to get the first round of the
patches posted by nov 5 deadline.
I suppose you are not going to merge your private port for 4.8 and thus
the wide-int changes are not a show-stopper for you.

That said, I considered the main conversion to be appropriate to be
defered for the next stage1.  There is no advantage in disrupting the
tree more at this stage.
I would like the wide_int class and rtl stuff to go in 4.8 though.
IMO it's a significant improvement in its own right, and Kenny
submitted it well before the deadline.


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