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Re: add .cc files to libgcc.a

On Oct 29, 2012, at 9:08 AM, David Edelsohn wrote:
> Some of the support you are adding is equivalent to code in
> libgcc/crtstuff.c.  My question was if it is possible to re-use some
> of that code for the new AIX support.
> Is the code really C++?  Both and are
> providing C interfaces.

The only thing I see in crtstuff.c is a call to __cxa_finalize which is inside ELF specific code.

There is no __cxa_atexit and no __cxa_finalize code in the GCC source.

There are also things like this:

> #ifdef CRTSTUFFS_O
> void *__dso_handle = &__dso_handle;
> #else
> void *__dso_handle = 0;
> #endif

which locks in one or the other at compile time for crtstuff.c but that decision needs to be made at link time because a "main" program needs to set it to 0 while a loadable shared module needs to set it to &__dso_handle (like I did in collect2).

So, there isn't much there.  What is there is working for some platform that I don't know anything about.  I chose to not touch it.

I'm sure they could be rewritten in C.  GNUs libc choose to do them in C++ probably because C++ just gives a nicer way to do things.

The real c++ part of the new code is mostly around the locking.


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