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RE: Documentation problem with TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP

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> Joseph S. Myers
> Sent: 23 October 2012 15:28
> To: Paulo Matos
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> Subject: Re: Documentation problem with TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP
> At <> I listed this
> macro, and lots of others, under "used by the compiler itself and libgcc
> (probably predefine macros if -fbuilding-libgcc in most cases, unless
> predefined macros considered more generally useful)".  I think that
> approach still makes sense for improving the host / target tm.h
> separation: use these tm.h macros directly only in the compiler, and make
> the compiler, if -fbuilding-libgcc, predefine a macro for use in GCC's own
> libraries.

If this -fbuilding-libgcc being passed at current HEAD? I am looking at 4.7 and no flag like that
Is being passed while building libgcc.

My problem still remains. On the docs it says:
You must always create a text_section, either by defining TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP or by initializing text_section in TARGET_ASM_INIT_SECTIONS.

My text_section text is different depending on gcc flags. I can use TARGET_ASM_INIT_SECTIONS to initialize text_section but once I get to crtstuff.c I still need a TEXT_SECTION_ASM_OP.

Since we are building the libraries, unfortunately I can't access text_section anymore from my libgcc target header. Any suggestions on how to get around this problem?

Paulo Matos

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