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Re: How to add pass filtering for -fopt-info

On Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 9:32 AM, Sharad Singhai <> wrote:
>> I don't like B), it is unlike everything else a pass does.  You seem to
>> use the new field to indicate a group - that makes it a flat hierarchy
>> which might make it limiting (for example 'vect' may include both loop
>> and scalar vectorization, but would 'loop' also include loop vectorization?).
>> Using a bitmask and an enum would be my preference for this reason
>> (similar to how we have TDF_ flags).  Loop vectorization would then
>> be vect|loop for example.
> Yes, I was thinking of groups of optimizations as a single high-level
> name. But I agree that it is an unnecessary restriction. I will work
> towards a set of flags instead.
> Also, another kind of grouping is possible via sub-passes in certain
> cases. For example, "loop2" or "early_optimizations" could imply
> sub-passes. Not sure how useful that would be.

They are mostly implementation details, so I doubt it is useful to
collect information from "parent" passes.


> Thanks,
> Sharad

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