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Re: New dump infrastructure

Sharad Singhai schrieb:

I have enhanced the dump infrastructure in r191883, r191884. These patches updated the tree/rtl dump facility so that passes do not reference the dump file directly, but instead use a different (and hopefully cleaner) API.

Instead of this

    if (dump_file)
      fprintf (dump_file, ...);

the new style looks like this

    if (dump_kind_p (...))
      dump_printf (...)


Since the number of existing dump call sites is quite large, currently
both old *and* new schemes are in use. The plan is to gradually
transition passes to use the new dump infrastructure and deprecate the
old dump style. This will also provide better optimization reports in

How are dumps from the backend handled then?

For example, SPU uses fprintf to dump_file.

A backend can easily add additional information to dump files by using printf or putc or print_inline_rtx or implement whatever own %-codes to neatly print information.

How will that work after the old interface has been deprecated?
Will there be %-Hooks similar to targetm.print_operand?


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