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Re: Fully flow and context sensitive points-to analysis in GCC 4.6.0

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 1:56 PM, Uday P. Khedker <> wrote:
> We have designed and implemented a fully flow and context sensitive
> points-to analysis in gcc-4.6.0. For simplicity, we have made a dynamic
> plugin available at
> This page also provides an overview of the method, and links to the paper,
> slides, and instructions on how to use the plugin. Our method questions the
> conventional wisdom that precise flow and context sensitive pointer
> information is prohibitively large and hence we cannot hope to compute it
> efficiently. We show that the actual usable information is rather small and
> sparse and hence an increase in precision actually improves the efficiency
> too, rather than worsen it.
> Needless to say, precise pointer information is critical for the
> effectiveness of almost all analyses and optimizations in any compiler. Now
> that we have some ray of hope of precise points-to analysis in GCC, we would
> like to invite collaboration from like minded people. There is a lot of work
> that needs to be done further; some details of future work are available on
> the given URL and we will be happy to provide more information to the
> interested people.


This is great progress.

If I understand the experiments, your implementtion has very small
cost to perform the analysis, at least for the SPEC benchmarks you are
testing.  Have you connected the analysis to any optimizations?  Is
there any improvement in performance on SPEC CPU or other

You ask for collaboration, but it's not clear what state the
infrastructure is in, how complete it is, and what more needs to be

Thanks, David

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