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Re: Fixincludes

On 6/2/12 5:34 PM, Eric Botcazou wrote:
What are you after, exactly?  Even on modern OSes, there might be glitches or
small incompatibilities that woud need to be fixed in order for GCC to work
properly, and fixincludes is the tried and proven tool to do that.  It is
designed to modify only what needs to be modified, but bugs cannot of course
be ruled out like in any other piece of code.

There have been discussions about the need (or lack of) for this script to run on the Linux From Scratch development list. In LFS gcc is bootstrapped in a very confined chroot environment where the only headers available are the Linux headers and those from glibc. What is in question is whether it is better in our very minimal build environment to let the script run or disable it.

Up until very recently it was disabled, in part because we wanted to ensure that nothing from the original host system leaked into the chroot system. But given that we have limited the ability of the host system to leak in via other means (i.e., sysroot and our 3 stage build) recently we removed the command that disabled it.

After reading up further, it appears that the possibility exists that the script may 'fix' things in the libc headers that we don't want or need 'fixed'. I'm trying to ascertain what things the script in particular is 'fixing' and which way is more technically sound in our build scenario.

Thanks again,


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