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Re: Merging gdc (GNU D Compiler) into gcc

On 10 May 2012 11:52, Iain Buclaw <> wrote:
> Thanks, would it be best to split the frontend, library, and patches
> to gcc proper into three parts?

>From observing how other big projects got merged, I think it is better:

1)  If you have anything that can be committed independently of gdc
(like bug-fixes, cleanups, etc.), send those first as individual
self-contained patches. This will reduce the delta. This will also
give you a sense of the stylistic changes reviewers are more likely to
complain about and fix them in your branch before presenting it for

2) Next, for changes to various parts of GCC that are not independent
of GDC,  isolate changes by subsystem (see MAINTAINERS), then either
produce a patch or, if too large, point how to get a diff of exactly
those parts in a branch. Send it to gcc-patches and CC the relevant
maintainers. This includes also splitting out changes to the shared
build machinery and to the shared testsuite infrastructure.

3) Finally, once all those parts are approved, you will have to
convince one or various global reviewers to go through the rest of the
branch (FE proper, runtime and testcases) and ACK it.

The merge of Go could be a good example to follow:

It was finally committed here, so it "only" took two months for
someone who is one of the few top-class experts in GCC, with decades
of experience, so be patient and persevere:

You should probably also read this:



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