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Re: gcc doesn't accept specs options anymore

On Mon, 7 May 2012, Christian Bruel wrote:

> > What about a generic name such as -fextension- (or both -fextension- and 
> > -mextension-) for options that GCC itself will ignore, if -mbsp= is 
> > considered inappropriate?  I'd prefer that to delimiting such options with 
> > --start-specs and --end-specs.
> > 
> you mean, gcc would ignore options in the -fextension string ?. For
> instance an invocation would be

Yes.  In GCC terms it would be an option -fextension- taking a joined 
argument - but GCC would be documented not to do anything with that 
argument.  So it would be a general escape hatch for people wishing to use 
specs to process options unknown to GCC.

As a general discipline, I'd probably advise people making use of this 
option to use some informal namespace for their -fextension- options, e.g. 
-fextension-sh-bsp-x rather than just -fextension-x.

> If agreement, are you going to propose something ?, or do you want to
> wait me to propose a patch ?

I don't plan to propose a patch, but you are welcome to do so.  Since it 
would be an extremely simple patch, we could also consider it for 4.7 

Joseph S. Myers

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