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Re: old archives from 1998

The revision history of the FSF version of GCC between the EGCS split
and the merge was retained on premerge-fsf-branch.  That lets me see
that this change was committed by Richard Kenner on 1998-10-04.

Thanks Ian. I contacted Richard but unfortunately he had no evidence of communicating with me back then.

I'm considering porting the GCC 3.4.6 i370 to GCC 2.8.1 to
give the new build process a more thorough workout, and
also produce an executable for DOS/VS and z/VSE that
doesn't exceed the system limitations so that it can be made
relocatable. And also see what the memory requirements
for a compile are, to see if it can fit into the approx 11 MB
region that MVS 3.8j and DOS/VS allow.

With 2.8.1 done, I would then forward port the build process
to GCC 3.2.3 which is the most stable version. Then I should
have all the i370 changes necessary, so it can come back to
3.4.6. Then I can make another attempt to get it into GCC 4.x.
Last time I tried the cross-compiler went into a loop. So like
before, it may require Dave Pitts to get the compiler proper
working first before I add in my changes.

BFN. Paul.

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