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Re: old archives from 1998

"Paul Edwards" <> writes:

> During the GCC 2.7.2/2.8.1 timeframe I sent emails to this list (or
> some similar list) with patches. I have found evidence of the
> patches being applied:
> 527 Sun Oct  4 08:37:36 1998  Paul Edwards  <>
> 528 529     * (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add sys/types.h and
> sys/stat.h.
> 530     * gcc.c (sys/types.h, sys/stat.h): Only include if exist.
> 531     * cccp.c, toplev.c: Likewise.
> But those entries do not appear in the Changelog of GCC 3.4.6,
> even though it goes back to 1991.
> I suspect it might have been due to ECGS.
> So my question is - is there a non-ECGS archive of some sort
> that would allow me to find out who modified gcc.c with that
> change documented above (I didn't have write access to the
> repository) and is there a list that my circa 1998 messages
> would be on so that I can find out who I was communicating
> with at the time? My emails from the time were lost due to a
> stolen computer.

When EGCS and GCC merged back together again, the changes made to the
FSF version of GCC (that is, the non-EGCS version) were put into
FSFChangelog, which is where you found them.  There was no attempt to
copy all the entries from FSFChangeLog to the regular ChangeLog files,
so it is not surprising that the change is not there.

The revision history of the FSF version of GCC between the EGCS split
and the merge was retained on premerge-fsf-branch.  That lets me see
that this change was committed by Richard Kenner on 1998-10-04.

As I recall most changes to the FSF version of GCC were discussed on the
gcc2 mailing list.  But I might be misremembering.  And I can't find any
archives of the gcc2 mailing list anywhere.


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