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Re: Wiki slowness

On 17 April 2012 17:51, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>>Why does saving/editing a page on the GCC wiki take several minutes
>>to reload the page?
>>Opening the page in a new tab shows the changes have been saved, but
>>the page still keeps loading. Is there some kind of re-indexing going
>>on which is incredibly inefficient? ?Or does the moinmoinwiki code
>>simply not close the TCP connection or something silly like that?
> Looks like the gcc wiki is using the MoinMoin wiki engine, just like
> us at (where I'm a wiki admin). We've had exactly the
> same problem. See
> ?
> for more details of what I found - it's the time taken to scan the
> list of users looking for subscription data. I've just added a patch
> into the Debian moin package to add a cache to fix most of the
> problems with this. It should backport easily to version 1.8.7 that
> you're using. See for
> one of the upstream moin bug reports, and where I found the patch.

Aha! Thanks for the info.

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