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Re: FW: is "syslimits.h" likely to change?

On 12/04/2012 16:38, Mark Galeck (CW) wrote:
> Thank you Ian, hopefully I will be compatible then for a long time, as
> Larry Wall would say "at least until the heat death of the Universe".
> I can't "ignore it" :)  My build system cannot handle "include_next" - it
> cannot handle the situation where you are finding a header file in one -I
> directory, and later when you are trying to find it again, you ignore that
> directory and find it in a subsequent -I directory.  The system is
> extremely fast, like a sports car than will only go on asphalt (standard C
> and a GCC-like compiler).

  I'm curious why your build system even needs to handle it?  The GCC version
of syslimits.h is a private thing, that GCC uses just for its own purposes to
adjust or override some of the definitions in the system's native syslimits.h;
if you aren't using GCC, then it shouldn't matter, and if you are, then it
should be automatic and transparent.  And if you're generating dependencies,
and using GCC as a compiler, then you should also use "gcc -M" to generate the
dependencies, since it'll get them canonically right, rather than any sort of
external makedepends utility.

  So, why does your build system care about it?


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