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Re: Switching to C++ by default in 4.8

> But IMHO not sufficient for a switch.  The GCC C++ proponents should do
> more on a branch to convince.  Yes, the syntactic suger for vec.h isn't
> very nice, but the actual implementation is very clever and heavily tuned
> for GCC's needs; if we convert to C++ just because of vec.[ch], we open
> ourselves to what is being discussed in this thread, people who would like
> to turn GCC codebase into yet another LLVM, which not everybody finds
> actually very readable and maintainable code, would start doing so.

Maybe, but if we don't convert vec.[ch], there is no point in using C++ at all.
We could put in place a strict containment policy: no one is allowed to write 
non-C code for modules that haven't been explicitly approved.  Conversions on 
a module level are done on a branch and merged into mainline as a whole.  And 
state prominently that there is no long term goal towards a complete rewrite 
of the compiler in full-blown C++, so that people don't waste time making big 
plans for such a rewrite.

Eric Botcazou

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