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Re: Switching to C++ by default in 4.8

On 4/10/12 6:04 PM, Pedro LamarÃo wrote:
2012/4/5 Diego Novillo<>

I will be, after the switch to C++ is done.  Pedro, if you do have a
copyright assignment, feel free to start working on this.  I suggest
creating a branch for this (I can handle that today).  If you need
forms for the copyright assignment, let me know and I'll forward them
to you.

(Second attempt, to avoid text/html in Gmail.)

I think I have an appropriate copyright assignment for contributing to
GCC -- recently, an old patch of mine was reused an applied. Perhaps I
misunderstood some of the conditions and would have to submit more
documentation this time. I'm not sure.

Yes, if you've already signed paperwork for GCC, then we do not need anything else.

I think I have a viable approach to refactor VEC into a template class
while keeping all files intact. The only implication is changing
CC_FOR_BUILD to use COMPILER etc. Perhaps someone wiser might want to
do something better to ensure genflags etc. compile with C++. Whenever
the branch is ready, or people want to review, or both, I can submit

Great, thanks. Let me setup a branch. I'll contact you later with instructions.


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