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Switching to C++ by default in 4.8

We would like to start the process to make GCC 4.8 build in C++ mode by default.

The mechanics of the change are simple enough. I volunteer to test changing the default on all primary targets (assuming I can get them from the GCC build farm).

Concurrently with this, Lawrence and Ian are working on the C++ coding guidelines. The draft is stored at They will be sending an update in the next few days. The idea is to hash out the details on the wiki and then produce a patch to

While these two changes are independent, it probably makes sense to first have agreement on an initial set of coding conventions before we switch the default.

I expect that coding conventions will evolve quite a bit in the next few months, so we should do the switch after the first patch to codingconventions.html is approved and installed. A reasonable initial version of this should cover the core language features that allow implementing basic conversions (for instance, those that would allow re-implementing vec.h).

I would like to avoid discussions to drag on indefinitely. But, given the magnitude of these changes, I suppose that it may take a few days to hash it out. Therefore, I propose that:

- For the coding conventions, we have the explicit approval of at least 4 global reviewers.
- For the build changes, approval from a build maintainer should be enough.

Thanks. Diego.

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