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Re: [GCC-MELT-391] MELT 0.9.5rc1 etc...

Le 31 mars 2012 à 09:07, Basile Starynkevitch a écrit :

> On Sat, 31 Mar 2012 02:22:43 +0200
> Romain Geissler <> wrote:
>> I tried to build the latest melt-branch (not the generated tarball) on a mac.
>> Here is the few change required to allow the build (note that it builds but as your
>> cc/cxx detection still fails, the generated melt-runtime.o and *.so files can't be
>> loaded with gcc build with cxx).
> Thanks! But please patch melt-build.tpl, not which is autogen generated.

Well I know it's autogenerated, that's why i wrote 'Regenerate.' in the Changelog.
In such cases, i should not include the regenerated file to the patch ? Is it the
maintainer role to run autogen on every patch that affects *.tpl ?

>> I removed the test of _POSIX_C_SOURCE in melt-runtime.c because this
>> makes no sense to test the availability of the poll function that way : just use
>> the function, the compiler will find it out by itself if it is really defined. Moreover,
>> this kind of test should be in a configure file, not in a source file. On a mac,
>> _POSIX_C_SOURCE is not defined by default, and defining it lead to errors
>> while building other parts of GCC.
> Do you have any ideas on how to make autoconf things for the MELT plugin?

Well I currently don't know, although i already patched the GCC configuration
scripts. It's like all, just need to learn.

> Also, I was believing MacOSX needs *dylib files not *so one ?

Yes dynamic libraries are named *.dylib on a mac because the dynamic
linker dyld looks for *.dylib files, and not *.so files.

OSX makes a difference between a dynamic library you can link (*.dylib)
width dyld and binaries you dynamically load on your own with dlopen
(*.bundle). So on a mac, your melt plugins should have the .bundle

But as the .so extension is hardcoded almost everywhere, i preferred keeping
the .so extension, like many other projects do (on my computer, i can see
that apache, php, valgrind, ImageMagick, python, gtk and many others just
do the same)

Romain Geissler

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