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About ARM-cross-compile

Hi everyone,

I am a grad student at UW-Madison who asked a question before about gcc-cross compiler.
I got stuck on a problem. 
Actually, I could install "arm-eabi" cross-compiler for c, c++.
The problem is about "arm-eabi-gcj" (i.e. for Java).
"arm-elf" version cross-compiler was successfully installed for c, c++, Java. But, after that, I realized that my simulator does not accept OABI binary code (i.e. binary code "arm-elf" compiler generates). So, I need to install "arm-eabi" version cross-compiler because the simulator can accept EABI binary code.

So, recently, I was struggling to install "arm-eabi-gcj" into my laptop. 
The problem is about "libgcj.jar" file. 
I could download "libgcj-4.1.2-51.el5.x86_64.rpm" from this web-site
The problem is that this is RPM file so that I need to get "RPM-GPG-KEY" for this rpm file to unlock it. 
However, I cannot find this key. Does somebody have some idea about where I can get this key?
Actually, I could install "arm-eabi" for c, c++. So, we are thinking that we use c++. But, we would like to use Java. So, does someone know about how I can get GPG-KEY for libgcj.jar or other way.
Thank you for reading!

Mao Ito

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