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Proposed plugin API for GCC

I had a go at writing a possible plugin API for GCC, and porting parts
of my python plugin to it:;a=commitdiff;h=36a0d6a45473c39db550915f8419a794f2f5653e

It's very much at the "crude early prototype" stage - all I've wrapped
is part of CFG-handling - but the important thing is that python plugin
*does* actually compile against this, and many of its selftests still
pass (though I'm breaking the self-imposed encapsulation in quite a few
places in order to get it to compile).

The code is currently jointly owned by me and Red Hat; I'm sure we can
do copyright assignment if/when it comes to that.

You can see the work-in-progress in the "proposed-plugin-api" branch of

For example, the proposed public header file looks like this:;a=blob;f=proposed-plugin-api/gcc-cfg.h;h=8dbeed0a6c5eb14b0336e89493746887c3bec20a;hb=36a0d6a45473c39db550915f8419a794f2f5653e

For example, some design notes can be seen at:;a=blob;f=proposed-plugin-api/design.rst;h=31b960ccac2dcf4d007701b5e9c6556e68e0d107;hb=36a0d6a45473c39db550915f8419a794f2f5653e

How do other plugin authors feel about the API?
How do GCC subsystem maintainers feel?

I initially attempted an underscore_based_naming_convention but quickly
found it difficult to get concise function names, so I switched to a
CamelCaseBased_NamingConvention with an underscore separating a notional
namespace element from a secondary element, which saved plenty of space.
The different naming convention also serves to highlight that this is
*not* part of GCC's internals.

Hope this is constructive

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