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Re: status of GCC & C++

On Sun, 25 Mar 2012 14:04:56 -0400
Diego Novillo <> wrote:

> On 3/25/12 1:28 PM, Basile Starynkevitch wrote:
> > On Sun, 25 Mar 2012 13:25:34 -0400

> > I would suggest then to put in a core header file (even used by plugins) something like
> > #ifndef __cpluscplus
> > #error GCC and its plugins need to be compiled by a C++ compiler
> > #endif
> >
> > What do you think? And where should we put that?
> First things first.  Stage 1 should be compiled with C++.  We still need 
> someone to volunteer to do that.

Ok. I thought that step was a trivial one.

Now a related question. How can a plugin know that cc1 was compiled with C++ or just with
plain C? I don't really know (we do have GCCPLUGIN_VERSION, but should a plugin use

And I don't understand why the GCC 4.7 changes don't advertise loudly on that the C language is obsolete as the language
in which GCC is coded, and that next release will *need* to be compiled with C++? Or is
something that tells it somewhere, in strong enough words or typography that nobody could
skip it? (I am not sure that a casual user, brave enough to compile GCC 4.7 from source,
did notice that C++ would be soon mandatory to compile GCC).

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