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Google Summer of Code 2012 - Call for mentors

We are glad to announce that GCC has been accepted Google's Summer of Code 2012 program (GSoC 2012). Summer of Code is a program sponsored by Google in which students are paid to contribute to open source projects. This will be GCC's 7th year of participation. For more information, see

Student applications will be accepted from 17 March 2012 to 25 March
2012.  Each student will work with a mentor from the project.  As
we've done in past years, we need to have a set of mentors who are
prepared to work with students.  We would like to encourage any
interested experienced GCC developer to become a mentor for the
project.  Being a mentor does not require that you actually work with
a student: we normally have many more available mentors than we do
students.  All mentor volunteers (and only mentor volunteers) will be
able to see and vote on all student project proposals.

As last year, I will act as administrator for the program and Ian will
be our backup admin.  We will accept as a mentor anybody who is listed
as a maintainer of some part of GCC in the MAINTAINERS file.  If you
are not a maintainer but still want to be a mentor, we are open to
being convinced.

To become a mentor, you need to go and
create an account.  Then click on "Apply to become a mentor" over on
the left and select the GCC project.  If you are a returning mentor,
you can use the same login ID you created in the past.  For
documentation on applying and managing your mentor profile, see


Diego and Ian.

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