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Why are libgcc.a and libgcc_eh.a compiled with -fvisibility=hidden?

For reasons outside the scope of this discussion, we're experimenting
with statically linking libgcc.a and libgcc_eh.a into dynamically
linked applications which depend on libc but no other dynamic
libraries.  To make this work, libc needs to access a few functions
for stack unwinding inside pthread_cancel.  With suitable
modifications, everything works, except for one problem: libgcc_eh.a
is compiled with -fvisibility=hidden.

Now, I can put together a hack in our local source tree to remove this
... but why is this the case at all?  It might make sense for, but that's compiled with default visibility (and the set
of explicitly visible symbols is broken)?  The only other use case I
can think of is for shared libraries which (for some reason) want to
embed private copies of these libraries, but on x86_64, libgcc*.a get
compiled by default without -fPIC, so that doesn't even work.

So ... is there a valid reason for this, or is this just an accident
of history?  AFICT, this behavior dates back to 2007 as of r120429

If no one knows a valid reason for this, I'll submit a patch to remove
it from trunk.  Otherwise, I'll just modify it locally.


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