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Re: Go in gcc 4.7

Ian Lance Taylor <> writes:

>> Therefore not on Solaris 10 or even a baseline Solaris 8 at all.
>> That seems to be an issue given this :
>>     People should be able to write Go programs and expect
>>     that they will continue to compile and run without
>>     change, on a timescale of years.
>> In keeping with the spirit of that vision what are the issues that block a
>> port to Solaris today? Are there specific bugids I can look at ?
> There are two different Go compilers.  The list of systems on which the
> Go release will be available is for the other Go compiler, not gccgo.
> The gccgo compiler will be part of gcc releases as usual.  The gccgo
> compiler has worked on Solaris in the past; current mainline is
> reportedly not working on Solaris, but I intend to fix that if nobody
> beats me to it.

It even used to work on IRIX 6.5 in the past, but that is broken in
pretty much the same way as the Solaris port right now.  Unfortunately,
I cannot tell when I'll have a chance to look into the Solaris problems;
at least on x86, the 32-bit port continues to work fine.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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