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Re: GCC/GLIBC and non-temporal instructions

Sergey Oboguev <> writes:

> Well, all these 
>     storent
>     emit_storent_insn
>     may_use_storent_in_loop
>     storent_optab
>     nontemporal
>     assign_set_nontemporal_move
>     mark_nontemporal_store
>     mark_nontemporal_stores
>     nontemporal_store_p
>     schedule_prefetches
>     should_issue_prefetch
>     issue_prefetch_ref 
>     etc.
> things in GCC sources -- do they ever get triggered or not?

Ah, you're quite right, I was not aware of that.  The rule there appears
to be the compiler will issue an mfence if it decides to use any
non-temporal moves in a loop.

However, I don't see anything in the code which will avoid using
non-temporal moves, or a fence, if there are existing non-temporal moves
(via instrinsic functions) in the loop.  This seems like it is at least
a documentation bug.

> Also, looking up in GLIBC sources I can see MOVNTxxx instructions terminated 
> with SFENCE, but not prefixed with LFENCE. What could this possibly mean?

You would have to ask the glibc maintainers about that.  I don't know
enough to speculate.


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