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Re: Adding official support into the main tree for SPARC Leon

[CCing David Miller, the SPARC binutils maintainer]

> I want to once again ask for write credentials so that
> I can  submit patches for the sparc-leon architecture:
> The first patch is for the 'gcc' repository while the
> second patch is for the 'binutils' repository. They are both
> related so I think it makes sense to send them together.
> I dont have write access to binutils eather so, I thought you
> might be able to apply them on both.
> Some background: Leon supports the umac/smac instructions.
> The Leon3-Ft and Leon4 also support the SMP compare-and-swap (casa)

OK, so you're proposing a new 'leon' sub-architecture for binutils.

> The appended 2 patches do:
> 1. 0001-sparc-leon-Use-Aleon-assembler-switch-for-mcpu-leon-.patch
>    Append "-Aleon" to the assembler

This looks incomplete.  Don't you also want to enable the instructions?

> 2. 0001-sparc-leon-add-leon-architecture-to-GAS.patch
>    Define new "leon" processor type in GAS + enable for "leon"
>    umac/smac and "casa".

The configure.tgt change looks useless to me.

Other nits:

@@ -1668,9 +1671,8 @@ EFPOP2_2 ("efcmpes",	0x055, "e,f"),
 { "cpop2",	F3(2, 0x37, 0), F3(~2, ~0x37, ~1), "[1+2],d", F_ALIAS, v6notv9 },
 /* sparclet specific insns */
-COMMUTEOP ("umac", 0x3e, sparclet),
-COMMUTEOP ("smac", 0x3f, sparclet),
+COMMUTEOP ("umac", 0x3e, sparclet|MASK_LEON),
+COMMUTEOP ("smac", 0x3f, sparclet|MASK_LEON),
 COMMUTEOP ("umacd", 0x2e, sparclet),
 COMMUTEOP ("smacd", 0x2f, sparclet),
 COMMUTEOP ("umuld", 0x09, sparclet),


-{ "casa",	F3(3, 0x3c, 0), F3(~3, ~0x3c, ~0), "[1]A,2,d", 0, v9 },
-{ "casa",	F3(3, 0x3c, 1), F3(~3, ~0x3c, ~1), "[1]o,2,d", 0, v9 },
+{ "casa",	F3(3, 0x3c, 0), F3(~3, ~0x3c, ~0), "[1]A,2,d", 0, v9|MASK_LEON },
+{ "casa",	F3(3, 0x3c, 1), F3(~3, ~0x3c, ~1), "[1]o,2,d", 0, v9|MASK_LEON },


+{ "cas",	F3(3, 0x3c, 0)|ASI(0x80), F3(~3, ~0x3c, ~0)|ASI(~0x80), "[1],2,d", 
F_ALIAS, v9|MASK_LEON }, /* casa [rs1]ASI_P,rs2,rd */
+{ "casl",	F3(3, 0x3c, 0)|ASI(0x88), F3(~3, ~0x3c, ~0)|ASI(~0x88), "[1],2,d", 
F_ALIAS, v9|MASK_LEON }, /* casa [rs1]ASI_P_L,rs2,rd */


Eric Botcazou

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