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Re: GCC 4.7.0 Status Report (2011-10-27), Stage 1 will end Nov 7th


> The GCC trunk is still in stage1.  Stage1 will last until
> Nov 7th (including, use your timezone to your advantage) after
> which we will have been in stage1 for nearth 8 months.
> In stage3 the trunk will be open for general bugfixing, no
> new features will be accepted.

There is a patch that implements usage of vector instructions in
memmov/memset expanding [1]. The patch was not reviewed for quite some
time, but IIRC, we said that patches that were submitted before Stage
1 closes are still eligible for later stages (after a review of

I think that this feature certainly improves gcc (also taking into
account recent glibc changes in this area), and IMO implements an
important feature for recent processors. I would like to motivate
middle-end and target maintainers to consider the patch for a review
before stage 1 closes, and ultimately ask Release Managers to decide
how to proceed with this patch.



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