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GCC 4.7.0 Status Report (2011-10-27), Stage 1 will end Nov 7th


The GCC trunk is still in stage1.  Stage1 will last until
Nov 7th (including, use your timezone to your advantage) after
which we will have been in stage1 for nearth 8 months.
In stage3 the trunk will be open for general bugfixing, no
new features will be accepted.

Now is time to bring down the number of regressions against
previous releases that we have accumulated.  Especially if you
are a target or port maintainers consider reviewing bugreports
and make sure they are properly marked as regressions (if they are).

We do have quite a high number of release critical bugs (P1) right now,
some only because they do look important and did not yet get enough
attention for analysis.  Which means you can also help with just
analyzing regressions even if you do not fix them.

Quality Data

Priority          #   Change from Last Report
--------        ---   -----------------------
P1               51   + 24 
P2              104   +  6
P3               15   - 16 
--------        ---   -----------------------
Total           170   + 14

We currently also have 118 P4 or P5 regression bugs open, those
include regressions for non-primary languages and targets that
are not included in the list of primary and secondary targets.

Previous Report

The next report will be sent by Jakub.

Richard Guenther <>
SUSE LINUX Products GmbH - Nuernberg - AG Nuernberg - HRB 16746
GF: Jeff Hawn, Jennifer Guild, Felix Imendörffer

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