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Re: [GCC Wiki] Update of "BuildInfrastructure" by Man uelLÃpezIbÃÃez

Hi Manuel!

On Sun, 23 Oct 2011 13:06:43 -0000, GCC Wiki <> wrote:
> The "BuildInfrastructure" page has been changed by ManuelLÃpezIbÃÃez:
> Comment:
> remove duplicated info, point to more complete info
>   GCC currently uses GNU Autoconf 2.64.
> - Regenerate all files:
> + [[Regenerating_GCC_Configuration#Regenerating_All_.27.27configure.27.27_Files|Regenerate all files]]
> + See also [[Regenerating_GCC_Configuration]]
> - {{{
> - $ find ./ -name | while read f; do (cd "$(dirname "$f")"/ && autoconf2.64); done
> - }}}

Thank you -- Regenerating_GCC_Configuration was exactly the page that I
had been looking for yesterday (and that I had been editing before!),
before adding the new BuildInfrastructure, but it apparently is not
linked to from anywhere I looked, and searching for ``autoconf'' didn't
turn it up (huh, any explanation?).

I suggest that I tear down BuildInfrastructure, and instead link to
Regenerating_GCC_Configuration from GettingStarted.  Or does anyone have
any plans on extending a BuildInfrastructure page?


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