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Re: adding destroyable objects into Ggc

On Wed, 19 Oct 2011 13:22:41 +0800
Chiheng Xu <> wrote:
> Basile, I completely agree with you.
> I recommend people interested in automatic dynamic memory management
> to read this book:
> Garbage Collection: Algorithms For Automatic Dynamic Memory
> Management(Richard Jones,1996)
> The importance of garbage collection in large software project and why
> reference counting based solution is inefficient ?and can't be ?good
> general "garbage collection" mechanism is clearly explained.
> As a non-compiler developer, I want to share my experience in?studying
>  GCC's source code.

If you want to extend, alter or improve GCC source code in a garbage collected language,
please consider trying MELT (see for more). MELT is a domain
specific language (garbage collected, lispy syntax, with high order functions & objects &
pattern matching) designed for GCC extensions.

[sorry for the shameless plug, I am the main author of MELT]

And MELT garbage collector fits very well in Gcc, it is a copying GC built above Ggc.


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