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C++11 atomic library notes V2 - updated

After some discussions and further coding, the external library has been refined.

I've updated the document at

In a nutshell, the changes are:

1 - generic routines
The generic version routines for arbitrary sized objects were unimplementable as stated. The new generic interface now works on a 'slab of memory', and any required memory is passed in by the caller.

void __atomic_exchange (size_t obj_size_in_bytes, void *mem, const void *value, void *return_value, enum memory_model model)

and is utilized like:

template class <T>
T exchange (T *mem, T val, memory_order m)
  T tmp;
  __atomic_exchange (sizeof (T), mem, &val, &tmp, m);
  return tmp;

The compiler can recognize compile constants in the size parameter and map the call to one of the 5 built-in optimized sizes. Optimization then folds away all the temporaries, address taken flags, and extra copies. This has the added benefit of mapping structures of 8 bytes to an optimized built-in for 8 byte objects, which was missing before.

2- Volatiles. pretty conclusively demonstrates to me that the volatility of an object isn't grounds to segregate the implementation. As such, the library remains as originally stated with no mention of volatile versions or anything like that.


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