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[RFC] Remove -freorder-blocks-and-partition

There are a number of problems with this code that affect
its ability to work with any non-x86-like target, that is,
anyone that doesn't define at least HAS_LONG_UNCOND_BRANCH
and possibly HAS_LONG_COND_BRANCH.

We begin, quite sensibly, with pass_partition_blocks which
performs a number of transformations upon the code that,
while the actual code could be better factored, is quite
easy to follow.  Depending on the features of the target,
fallthrus are turned into unconditional jumps, conditional
jumps are split into branch around branch, unconditional
jumps are turned into indirect jumps.

There's nice bits of commentary that say why things are 
implemented this way, including exposing the indirect jumps
to the register allocator.

But after pass_partition_blocks, we run into trouble.  There
are no less than 4 other passes that add *new* crossing jumps
without doing *any* of the subsequent fixups for less capable
targets: pass_outof_cfg_layout_mode, pass_reorder_blocks,
pass_sched2 (ia64 only? it's in code in haifa that looks like
speculative load fixups), and pass_convert_to_eh_region_ranges.

The worst part is that test coverage for this feature is
extremely poor.  It's very difficult to tell if any cleanup
in this area is likely to introduce more bugs than it fixes.

After 3 days fighting with this code, I had a bit of a 
cathartic whine on IRC.  I got two votes to just rip the 
whole thing out.

Andrew Pinski points out that the feature could probably be
equivalently implemented via outlining and function calls
(I assume well back at the gimple level).  At which point we
no longer have cross-segment jump_insns at the rtl level,
which seems like a Really Big Win to me at this point.
Not that I'm volunteering to actually do the work to implement
any such scheme.



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