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Re: RFH: Impose code-movement restrictions and value assumption (for ASYNCHRONOUS/Coarrays)

On 07/13/2011 12:57 PM, Richard Guenther wrote:
On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 12:30 PM, Tobias Burnus<> wrote:
Example 2: Coarray with sync. The SYNC is not directly called, but via a
wrapper function to increase the fun factor.
    subroutine sub(coarray)
      integer :: coarray[*]
      coarray = 5
      call SYNC_calling_proc()
      ! coarray is modified remotely
      call SYNC_calling_proc()
      if (coarray /= 5) ...
    end subroutine sub
Here, the "if" may not be removed as the image could have been changed
> From the last two examples it looks like a regular restrict qualified pointer
would work.  At least I don't see how it would not.

Would it? How does the compiler know that between "call SYNC_calling_proc()" the value of "coarray" could change? Hmm, seemingly, that's indeed the case, looking at the optimized dump of the example above:

sub (integer(kind=4) * restrict coarray)
  integer(kind=4) D.1560;
  *coarray_1(D) = 5;
  sync_calling_proc ();
  sync_calling_proc ();
  D.1560_2 = *coarray_1(D);
  if (D.1560_2 != 5)

Well, then I have a different question: How can one tell the middle end to optimize the "if (...)" away in the following case? Seemingly having an "integer(kind=4) & restrict non_aliasing_var" does not seem to be sufficient to do so:

   subroutine sub(non_aliasing_var)
       subroutine some_function()
       end subroutine some_function
     end interface

     integer :: non_aliasing_var
     non_aliasing_var = 5
     call some_function()
     if (non_aliasing_var /= 5) call foobar_()
   end subroutine sub

That's an optimization, which other compiles do - such as NAG or PathScale/Open64/sunf95.


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