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Re: RTEMS Port of GCJ Progress Report

On 08/07/11 18:31, Jie Liu wrote:

> This is the second report after “GCJ Porting for RTEMS Status
> Report”[1]. During this time, I am
> --- Focusing on running the testsuite and fix encountered problem
> --- Submitting patches to related community
> In details, I have got the testsuite result for boehm-gc, libffi and
> libjava, which can be seen in rtemsgcj project’s trunk[2]. For
> problems encountered in boehm-gc, they are fixed under Ivan’s help,
> and the problems can be seen in mailing list[3](Just search rtems for
> related information). For problems encountered in libjava, I have send
> a mail to java-patches[4], some problems have been fixed while others
> still in fixing.
> The patches have been send to related communities, although libjava’s
> patch still needs modify.

OK.  You have to address Bryce's concerns, but I'm happy for the
patch to go in once you've done that.

Looking at the test results, there are very serious problems with
both threads and exceptions.


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